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ASUYKAMUY (Come closer)


In search for my own identity and truth, I came across the story and wisdom of the Andean culture, whose practice of the interrelation between cosmology, the Earth and the human body suggest that the ‘secrets to life', as related with one’s inner attitude, are to be found within our own nature.


Throughout the cosmos Nature is in far heftier abundance than human beings. She expresses significant intelligence for all to see.   We are part of a magnificent system of intelligent and creative design, together with many other species. We have simply not yet learned how to correctly play well together with them. Our perspective could only be corrected from the inside out, and with our willing agreement.  


As a result of my searching, a new call or experience has taken its form through this ongoing series titled “Asuykamuy” (Come Closer) in Quechua language. The imagery attempts to represent a symbolic process of transformation or transmutation of oneself from a psychical, physical and emotional outlook.

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